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Updated In July, 2020 - American Wagers provides U.S. citizens with information about betting and wagering on sports online at USA sportsbooks, bookies, bookmakers and sports betting sites in 2014. also offers Americans with free sports wagers, Internet sports book bonuses and other info. Learn about the best places for Americans to place real money wagers at online in 2014. Our American wagering sites also offer horse race betting. Americans can place real money bets on just about everything. Wagering on American sports like NFL football or NCAA basketball is very popular but U.S. citizens can also place bets on elections, horse races and even who will be voted off next on a particular reality TV show. America has always been very fond of sports wagering but many of us have lacked access to places where you can place bets. Most Americans are restricted to office football pools or simple bets with friends and family members.

This lack of real money wagering options has been solved by the Internet, like so many other things. There are USA friendly online sportsbooks that millions of Americans go to when they want to place a bet. The top online sports betting sites for Americans in 2014 are also USA online gaming sites . You can bet on sports, play poker, gamble at casinos and even play games like Yahtzee against other people for money. I personally enjoy online casino gambling & sports betting at Bovada. These online wagering sites accepting USA citizens in 2014 make it very easy for Americans to deposit money into their accounts, place bets and quickly and easily cashout their winnings.The US

real money Online sportsbooks for U.S. citizens in 2014

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free sports wagers at USA sportsbooks has excellent relationships with USA online sportsbooks that accept real money wagers from Americans in 2014. The main benefits I have been able to get for Americans who click my link to visit the gambling site or sports book are free sports bets and bigger sports betting bonuses. You can place hundreds of dollars in risk free sports bets at the top US sportsbooks in 2014 when you use our tracking links. In most cases our exclusive free wager and bonus deals are embedded into our tracking links but at some online wagering sites you may need to enter our sportsbook bonus or promo code in 2014. Here is an overview of our free sports bet offers at American sports betting sites online in 2014. This Bovada Sportsbook wagering review covers the best place for Americans to place bets online at U.S. sports books in 2014.

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USA Internet wagering & gambling laws

usa sportsbook betting onlineOnline sports and horse wagering is perfectly legal in most states and in the others there are not any enforced laws regarding Internet betting. Millions of Americans place hundreds of billions of dollars in wagers online each year and this number has been increasing for 15+ years straight. Not a single U.S. citizen has ever received so much as a ticket for doing so. Just pay your taxes on your winnings and you will never have to worry about a thing. Celebrities and even elected government officials, like Senators and governors, bet on sports, play poker and gamble at online casinos for real money and most are very open about it.

There are no legal consequences so only conservatives prefer to keep their online gambling activities out of the public spotlight because of the moral objections their constituents may have about gambling, which doesn't make much sense because Republicans are very friendly with the horse betting lobby. Online sportsbooks in 2015 will hopefully be clearly regulated, as has happened with the online poker industry and the various legal USA poker sites online in 2014 . Those who view gambling as immoral typically have no issue with playing real money bingo at church or buying lotto tickets. American Wagers suggest that all users check with local laws and regulations before placing wagers for real money online in 2014.

USA Online Sportsbooks

I have listed the top American sportsbooks, sports wagering sites, bookies and bookmakers online in 2014 below. Click our banner to earn special bonuses and free sports bets. The Bovada Sportsbook is America's most popular place to place real money wagers online.

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